Aitor de Mendizabal
2013 CERET - FRANCE - Homage To Juan Gris 2012 BOULOGNE SUR MER - FRANCE- Douvres Castle CERET - FRANCE -Multimedia library BÉLUS - FRANCE - Monumental Sculpture for the municipal school. 2011 DAX - FRANCE - Creation of a Bronze Award LITERARY SEMINAR 2009 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Creation of the “HUMANS RIGHTS” Award in bronze. 2007 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - AGIPAD Award Creation (bronze) for Drugs prevention. SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Collection of Monuments in Homage to the Victims of Terrorism. 2006 OLORON - FRANCE - Non executed Project. Homage to Gaston IV of Bearn. 2005 HERNANI - SPAIN - Industrias EBESA. Exterior facade (bronze and copper) 2004 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Industrias SUMISAN -25 years Foundation 2002 DELFT - HOLLAND - DELFT Award. 350 m2 Mural Creation in bronze and copper. 2001 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - University Campus. 12 monument pieces in bronze and copper. 1999 IRÚN - SPAIN - The entrance Hall of Cipriano Larrañaga building, Frieze. 1998 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Igueldo Hill. Forest for peace. Iron monolith. 1997 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Industrias INASMET In homage to the founders. (Bronze and stone.) SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Industrias GAIA . Monumental Doors- (Bronze) 1996 OÑATE - SPAIN - Monolith in Homage to the Bersolari Jose Maria Aguirrebengoa SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Plaza de Irun Monument Collection ATEAK. (Bronze and Marble) 1995 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN - Gregorio Ordoñez Foundation Award Creation (Bronze and iron) CIUDADELA (MENORCA) - SPAIN - Industrias Worlding ZUMAIA - SPAIN - Aita Mari Theatre - Monumental Doors- BAYONEE - FRANCE - Cathedral Atrium - West Doors Project- PISA - ITALY - Project Homage to Galileo Galilei. Native house facade- 1994 PISA - ITALY - Project Homage to Galileo Galilei. Native house fAcade 1992 ERANDIO - SPAIN - Cultural Center Homage to freedom 1991 BIARRITZ - FRANCE - Simposium sculpture VITORIA-GASTEIZ - SPAIN - Basque Government. 10º Anniversary of the Economic Agreement.In Bronze. AZCOITIA - SPAIN - Bastartxo Theatre. Homage to the dance. Frieze in alabaster and copper. AZCOITIA - SPAIN - Theatre and auditorium of the town. Bastartxo- Monumental columns in bronze. Exterior façade. Homage to the classical and popular theatre. MADRID - SPAIN - Creation of the honor award by DHL (Expansion+CEOE) Bronze 1990 ORDICIA - SPAIN - Barrena Palace. Cultural Institute of the town.“Eclosion I” Iron and bronze. 1989 ATAUN - SPAIN - “D. José Miguel de Barandiarán” Hotel of the town. Homage to the archaeologist and ethnologist. White marble, 4 ton, bronze and black marble from Markina. 1988 URRECHU - SPAIN -“La Caída de Ícaro” Technical Institute. Marble from Carrara, bronze and 3 metres column 1987 SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN-Homage to Cristóbal Balenciaga, dressmaker. Maria Cristina’s Hotel.Marble from Carrara, 1.5 tons. URRECHU - SPAIN - “ICARO” Cultural Institute of the town. Marble from Carrara and arabesque from Pietrasanta. 1986 GARDONE - ITALY - C. Giovannelli Foundation. Marble from Carrara. AZPEITIA - SPAIN -Public fountain, called “Iturri Txikia” Marble from Carrara and bronze. 1984 ESCORIAZA - SPAIN - Monument to José de Arana philanthropist. Marble from Carrara and red from Alicante
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